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Product Image (06)

Detergent Grade CMC Sodium

Price: 3 USD ($)/Kilograms

for detergent power or liquid making

Product Image (CSDS)

Complex Sodium Disilicate (CSDS)

Price: 1 USD ($)/Metric Ton
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Supply Ability:40000 Per Year
  • Structural Formula:Na2Si2O5
  • Taste:Odorless
  • Form:Powder
  • Density:0.48 Kilogram per cubic meter (kg/m3)
  • Ph Level:11.2
  • Application:Textile Industry, Industrial
  • Usage:to replace STPP for detergent powder making
  • HS Code:3824
Product Image (GM030)

Detergent Enzyme 4 in 1

Price: 5.00 - 10.00 USD ($)/Kilograms

DETERGENT ENZYME MIXED Detergent enzyme are a powerful auxiliary component for washing More than 80pct of washing powders and liquids in Europe and America contain detergents enzymes Enzymes only target specific items for degradation. They are used to help surfactant components, resulting in easier more effective dirt removal Protease is high alkaline and enhances the cleaning of protein based soils such as grass and blood. This is achieved by catalyzing the breakdown of the constituent proteins in the soils through hydrolysis of the amide bonds between individual amino acids. In the case of serine end peptidase. it contains a catalytic triad of amino acids at the active site. Protease attaches to the fibers preventing re attachment of impurities. Enzyme stability range 20 to 60 Product type Granular Dosage 1 to 10g to 1 kilos of detergent Packaging 25kgs per carton Storage Cool dry room

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Mixed Detergent Enzyme 4 In 1

Price: 350.00 - 350.00 USD ($)/Metric Ton
  • Supply Ability:40000 Per Year
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
  • Application:Soaps & Detergents
Product Image (GM011)

Complex Sodium Disilicate (Best replacement STPP)

Price: 350.00 - 750.00 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Complex Sodium Disilicate is a chemical compound formulated to improve the detergency, It has a good help lotion function and quick dissolution. Owing to its improved solubility and effectiveness, it is preferred to other chemicals for making detergent. Complex Sodium Disilicate is composed of top notch chemical constituents. It comes in a preventative packaging that keeps impurities and contaminants at bay.

Product Image (07)

Modified Sodium Disilicate (MSD)

Price: 350.00 - 350.00 USD ($)/Metric Ton
  • Supply Ability:40000 Per Year
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
Product Image (05)

Cold Bleaching Enzyme GMCBE

Price: 350.00 - 350.00 USD ($)/Metric Ton
  • Supply Ability:40000 Per Year
  • Delivery Time:15 Days

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